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Unleash the beast


Each hour long class is designed to simultaneously strengthen and restore the body.  Emerge each and every class feeling taller, stronger, and confident.  

Endless Possibility


If preformed with consistency and mindfulness the potential is endless. Practice makes perfect- but only if you practice perfectly for your individual needs.



I highly, highly recommend Nicole's classes. She works effectively with a whole range of people, from novice to highly experienced. Her approach is inviting, calm, clear, practical -- with a chuckle here and there. I trust her deep knowledge of the human body and appreciate her advice on adjusting poses as needed. There's a lovely flow to each of Nicole's hour-long sessions, in which she weaves together a comprehensive set of poses and moves. I consistently emerge from her classes feeling open, strengthened, and balanced. Nicole is a treasure! 

-Cathy Miles Grant


Nicole’s yoga teaching style is unlike any other yoga class I have experienced. It is a very relaxing work out! Nicole has immense compassion for her students and is very tuned into to what each students needs are in their practice. She herself has so much strength and knowledge in her own practice, it inspires others to work towards their own goals. Nicole provides a calm, safe, and positive space where her students can come and practice yoga and be challenged physically based on each individuals needs. Nicole is the best!

-Amanda Lowre


Although I’m still fairly new to yoga, it is not a stretch to say that Nichole is the best! She is such an attentive instructor and offers a flow with alternatives that work with your body providing a stretch that does not exceed personal limitations. I highly recommend that everyone bend over backwards and make it to this class at least once.